OSLuzzu: An Open Source boat inspired by the traditional Maltese Luzzu

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OSLuzzu is an initiative by a team of individuals with a passion to revamp the unfortunately dying trade of traditional Maltese boat building.
OSLuzzu stands for Open Source Luzzu. The team is aware of the Socio-Cultural connotation the Traditional Maltese Luzzu occupies and has decided to start a series of efforts to bring this unfortunately dying trade back to life.
The team intends on centralising all of the available information out there by generating a series of documentaries.
Once this is done, the team intends to re design the Luzzu, incorporating contemporary means of fabrication with the Intangible Heritage that these artifacts posses. Omitting completely those factors that have hindered its fabrication through out the past couple of decades due to lack of available time, money and resources.
The team:
Architects: Sean Buttigieg, Joe Galea, Mark Sullivan
Engineer: Kane Borg
Naval Architect: Matthew Scicluna
Marine Archeologist: Stephanie Said
Video and Graphics: Matthew Demarco